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There is always someone…… who will do it cheaper!

A person drawing a very bad replica of a Tatoo on another person's back while looking at a drawing (This is meant to imply There is always someone who will do it cheaper)

Cheap isn’t always best… As many of my clients have discovered in the past!!

Many businesses contact us after having engaged an unregistered, unqualified bookkeeper for a lower hourly rate, it isn’t uncommon for these people to be charging $20-25 p/h, business owners think they are getting a good deal. What they don’t realise at the time is that this person may say they have experience, they look like they know what they are talking about. After weeks, months and sometimes years the cracks start to appear and things aren’t as they seem.

The team at Bookkeeping N More can implement time saving strategies that can save a business money, YES our hourly rate is higher than they were paying before but with these strategies and programs in place we can save the business owner money!

99% of the time it costs more to fix a mess, than it does to have it done correctly in the first place!

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