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Efficient BAS Services: A Complete Small Business Guide

A man using his mobile and laptop is meant to imply the person is finding it hard to do the  BAS.

For business owners and operators, it is important to remain diligent in fulfilling financial obligations to ensure the well-being and compliance of their businesses. Among the various vital responsibilities, one that stands out is the accurate and timely preparation and lodging of Business Activity Statements (BAS). Preparing BAS can be time-consuming and laborious, often accompanied by unnecessary stress and a high potential for errors. It might even be time to outsource your BAS Services to a professional.

We recognise the challenges for business owners and have created this comprehensive guide to provide practical strategies that can streamline BAS preparation, leading to enhanced efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting for your business.

This guide will equip small business owners and operators with valuable insights and practical techniques by delving into the intricacies of BAS preparation. It will outline step-by-step approaches to simplify and optimise the entire process, thereby reducing the burden and minimising the likelihood of mistakes. From organising financial data and documentation to utilising technology tools specifically designed for BAS, each aspect will be explored in detail, offering actionable advice and tips.

Furthermore, this guide will emphasise the significance of proactive planning and regular monitoring to stay ahead of BAS lodgment deadlines. It will highlight BAS basics, organising financial records, account reconciliation, data automation, when you may need to outsource, staying up to date with changes and how to use online lodgement systems.

With the implementation of these strategies, the process of meeting financial obligations becomes more efficient, allowing business owners and operators to put their time and energy towards future growth.

Understand the BAS Basics

Before embarking on streamlining your BAS preparation process, it is crucial to grasp the fundamental concepts of BAS lodgement and familiarise oneself with its components. A Business Activity Statement is a report required by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to summarise a business's tax obligations, including Goods and Services Tax (GST), Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding, and other taxes. Familiarise yourself with the critical elements of your BAS, such as tax codes, eligible deductions, and reporting periods. To help the accuracy of your BAS, identify and comprehend eligible deductions. By having a comprehensive awareness of the deductions available, businesses can claim legitimate deductions appropriately, thereby reducing their overall tax liability and optimising their financial position. Also, when doing your BAS, it is vital to understand the specific timeframes and due dates for submitting BAS, as they vary between businesses and can be based on annual income.

Organise Your Financial Records

Maintaining organised and up-to-date financial records is crucial for smooth BAS preparation. Create a system for categorising and storing all relevant documents, including sales invoices, expense receipts, bank statements, and payroll records. If you want to streamline this process further, consider using accounting software, which will enable you to track and categorise transactions automatically. Depending on your business needs, platforms such as using HubDoc, Xero and XBert can make it much easier and leave less room for errors. Some platforms (like HubDoc) its as simple as taking a picture of a receipt and uploading it.

Regularly Reconcile Your Accounts

Accurate record-keeping is essential for BAS preparation. Regularly reconcile your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts to ensure that all transactions are accurately recorded. The best method for staying on top of invoicing is to ensure you are invoicing your customers as soon as you complete the work and keeping up-to-date year round records of receipts and spending for maximum financial success. This practice helps identify discrepancies or errors, reducing the likelihood of inaccuracies in your BAS. Again, if this is becoming difficult for your business to keep track of, it may be time to outsource.

Automate Data Entry

Streamline and enhance your BAS preparation process by implementing automation techniques and optimising data entry. Take advantage of advanced accounting software that seamlessly integrates with your bank accounts, point-of-sale systems, and other financial tools, enabling automatic importation of transaction data. This sophisticated automation minimises the need for manual data entry and reduces errors, ultimately saving you precious time and resources.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you find BAS preparation overwhelming or require more guidance, expertise, consider seeking professional assistance. It also may be a good idea to outsource if you see growth in the next financial year and want to get ahead. Plus, did you know that Bookkeeping services can even be tax deductible! Unsure if you need Bookkeeping Services? Hiring a qualified bookkeeper or certified BAS agent can alleviate the burden of preparing your BAS, ensuring accuracy and compliance. A Professional Bookkeeping Business, such as BookkeepingNMore, have certified BAS agents that handle all aspects of BAS preparation, including data entry, reconciliation, and lodgment.

Stay Informed About Changes

Tax laws and reporting requirements are subject to regular updates. Stay informed about any changes relevant to your business to ensure your BAS remains compliant. Regularly visit the ATO website, attend tax seminars, and consider subscribing to newsletters or publications that update taxation and reporting matters to stay ahead of the curve.

Use Online Lodgment Services

To streamline the final step of the BAS preparation process, take advantage of ATO's online lodgment services. The ATO provides an online platform where you can securely submit your BAS electronically, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. Online lodgment services offer convenience, faster processing, and instant submission confirmation.

Streamlining BAS preparation is vital for business owners who wish to save time, reduce errors, and ensure compliance. By understanding the basics of BAS reporting, organising financial records, automating data entry, seeking professional assistance, staying informed, and using online lodgment services, you can simplify the process. Remember, accuracy and timeliness in your BAS reporting contribute to maintaining a healthy financial position for your business.

If you need help with your BAS preparation, visit our Bookkeeping Services. Our team of certified agents can guide you and provide comprehensive BAS Services, dont hesitate to contact us.

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