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At Bookkeeping N More, we understand the challenges businesses face when managing payroll efficiently while staying compliant with the Single Touch Payroll (STP) regulations. That's why we offer our Single Touch Payroll service, designed to simplify the entire process.  

We offer comprehensive Payroll Services for businesses of all sizes. We cater to businesses with one to four employees, handling the Payroll Process, WorkCover and Superannuation Management, and Quarterly and Annual Reconciliations. We ensure compliance with Single Touch Payroll (STP) requirements and offer a specialized Xero Payroll Only Plan for seamless payroll management within the Xero platform. Additionally, we provide STP finalization at EOFY and offer tailored packages for businesses with five or more employees. Trust us to handle your payroll needs accurately, efficiently, and fully compliant with regulations.  


With our expertise and reliable payroll solution, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that your payroll is in safe hands.

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Process payroll for 1-4 employees

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Workcover and Superannuation Management

Quarterly and Annual Reconciliations

Single Touch Payroll Set Up

Xero Payroll Only Plan

STP Finalisation at EOFY

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Other packages available for 5+ employees

Single Touch Payroll

per week, +GST


There is no better time to start working towards your dreams and financial goals than right now.

  • What is a BAS?
    A BAS (Business Activity Statement) is an activity statement that GST registered businesses need to lodge (usually quarterly for small business) to account for: The difference between GST Collected (paid from customers) and GST Paid (paid to suppliers) PAYG withheld from employees wages Where required, a prepayment on your income tax (called PAYG income tax)
  • When Are My BAS Returns Due In?
    For businesses registered to pay quarterly who are not using a BAS Agent (like us) to lodge their return, BAS payment due dates are as follows: 1st Quarter – July, August, September due 28th October 2nd Quarter – October, November, December due 28th February 3rd Quarter – January, February, March due 28th April 4th Quarter – April, May, June due 28th July Extensions of 4 weeks apply if you are using a BAS agent or tax agent, excluding the 2nd quarter as everyone gets an extension then
  • What if I owe BAS but don’t have the money to pay?
    Obviously its ideal to put aside the money each week so that you have it ready when the BAS is due. But if you find yourself in a position where you don’t have the money, you should call the Tax Office and ask for a payment plan. If you call the Tax Office up front, then any fines will usually be lower.
  • Do all purchases have GST included in them?
    Not necessarily. The most common exceptions are: Imports Non prepared food (eg milk and instant coffee but not take away coffee or biscuits) Some government charges, such as ASIC fees, Stamp Duty Bank Fees Loan Payments Owners Drawings
  • I am behind in my BAS and ATO obligations, how do I get up to date?
    Do not worry, it is very common, and (with the right help) the problem is easily fixed but its important to address it earlier rather than later. Whatever the reason you fell behind, you need to get up to date. As registered BAS agents and qualified bookkeepers we deal with the ATO on your behalf on matters relating to BAS agent services, PAYG reporting, IAS and more. We can negotiate on your behalf for lodgement and payment extensions depending on your circumstances.
  • What other services BAS agents can provide?
    Registered BAS agents can also lodge: Single Touch Payroll (digital way of reporting salary and wage, tax withheld and super) A super guarantee charge (SGC) statement – quarterly form A taxable payments annual report Payment summaries, employee termination payments, gross wages, allowances, PAYG withholding and other taxable and non-taxable payroll items A tax file number declaration on behalf of a client An application to the Registrar for an Australian business number on behalf of a client.
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