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That’s it, I’m done, I can’t do this anymore!! – Bookkeeping N More

Women holding a Help sign (This is meant to imply the Woman is unable to cope with her Bookkeeping)

“That’s it, i’m done, I can’t do this anymore!”

This what i hear often from a loving wife who is trying her best to help her husband succeed.

Hubby buys a business, gets his family to buy into his dream and convinces wife into “doing the books” Wife wants to support her husband and agrees to help, even though she has no idea what the heck she is supposed to do with her new found unpaid job!

Sound familiar??

Women holding a Help sign

Just like that she is employed by a demanding, unappreciative boss (her hubby) with little to no training for less than minimum wage. But she hangs in there, because she knows how important this family business is to her husband, and she wants to be supportive.

With small business comes cashflow issues, customers come and go, day to day stress of no work or too much work and not enough time to do.

Wifey takes it for a while, but things get really tough when she goes back to work full time then add in school pick ups, sporting commitments, doctors visits, food shopping and housework when is she supposed to have the time to stay on top of the bookwork, keep on top of supplier payments and track the business performance. It is the last thing she wants to do at night or on weekends.

She can’t go another day with this pressure on her shoulders.

UNTIL ….. One phone – is all it takes!

Bookkeeping N More can support you in “doing the books” and relieve the pressure and stress in keeping your bookwork upto date and tax compliant. I can’t count the number of times we receive a message after our first consultation to say Husband and Wife already feel less stressed and know that it is all being taken care of.

Call us today to rescue your wife (or yourself) from “doing the books”.

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